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The Meypack case packers of the VP Series are available as intermittent (cycled) or continuous motion machines. The intermittent, highly flexible machines of the VP 450 Series pack in trays, wrap-around cases and trays with lids.

The VP 500 Series is based on a continuous packaging process carried out on one level. As with all Meypack machines, the open design of the VP 500 Series machines provides optimal machine accessibility, which facilitates simple operation, fast format changeovers and efficient cleaning and maintenance work. In the wrap-around machines, it is possible to integrate fully automatic partition insertion systems for greater product protection.

Neo case packing features:

Open frame concept in stainless steel

The Meypack modular machine system offers many different dividing modules for your primary packaging, providing an individual, adapted system solution, purposely for your application. Now constructed out of stainless steel as standard.

Integrated switch cabinet

The Neo case packing machine system now features an integrated electrical control cabinet within the main machine frame. This allows for simpler and faster machine installation, whilst also freeing up valuable floor space.

Decentralised controls

Using integrated or decentralised servo drive technology allows for complex motion control in a variety of axis to be made at high speeds. It also allows for a reduction in the types of drives used within the machine which is now limited to 3.

Quick change infeed paddle chain

One target of the new machine development was to reduce the number of change over positions within the machine when performing a product change over. Storage of any change parts can also be housed within the machine frame.

Wrap-around case & tray-lid possible

The Meypack Neo modular system allows for maximum flexibility and can accommodate wrap-around cases and/or tray lids within the same machine frame unit, just by adding or removing blank magazines as required.

Perfect for pouches or small products

The new machine system has been designed to ship easily into a standard shipping container if required and a reduced footprint is ideally suited to modern industrial production environments where space is a premium.

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