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Intermittently working rotary machine with high performance for processing premade paper sachets and sealable foil pouches.

Recommended machine type for packaging seeds into paper sachets. Very low set-up times and high flexibility. Compatible with all known dosing devices.

M40 Seed packing machine has been developed to improve on existing technology for efficient and quiet operations. where constant change-overs and small production runs are essential for a successful seed packing operation. 

All new lightweight, yet highly durable, construction allows for a very calm operation and almost maintenance-free. The M40 can be installed with various options including inkjet coding and synchronization with upstream FBV machine for packaging of germinate-protection sachets

The SN seed machines have a simple yet highly effective cam drive operation, allowing for quick and easy maintenance and change-overs.  The construction of this machine makes for ease-of-use and easy cleaning.

As part of a single package, SN are capable of providing a solution to create a germination proof inner sachet, which in turn, can be linked to the packet machine (M40) for a complete solution

After packing seeds, we can provide a solution for the separation and bundling of packets together. These can be secured with bands for easy distribution and manual handling.

The SN FBV machine is a vertical, form Fill and seal standalone machine capable to creating germination-proof sachets. This machine can be fitted with multiple filling devices and synchronised to the M40 if required.

Ultra-clean technology features:

  • Very calm operation and almost maintenance-free
  • Dosing devices: Piston doser, micro doser with various piston add- ons, bowl feeder, counting devices
  • Synchronization with upstream FBV machine for packaging of germinate- protection sachets
  • Synchronization with downstream bundle packer or cluster device on discharge conveyor
  • Compact, modular design
  • Central operation and visualization via touch control panel
Standard equipmentOptional equipment
Main drive by frequency controlled three-phase motor with indexing gear boxCoding device
Low-noise and low maintenance by toothed belt driveHot embossing
Solid framework in lacquered executionHot gluing
Switch cabinet on the machineDust extraction
Swivel-type control panel 7“ (Touch Panel)Cluster device on discharge conveyor
Electronic cam shaft by PLCBundle packer as downstream application
Pressure-vacuum system (venturi principle)Handling of germinate-protection sachets
Sachet magazineHandling of seed tapes
Conveyor belt with three-phase motor and flat belts, 1.500 mm long
Modem for remote maintenance based on MB Connect (ethernet + cable)(further details on request)

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