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SN fill seal pouch systems:

Our FS (fill seal) pouch-packaging machines can fill almost any type of product ranging from granulates, liquids, pasty products, powders, soups and much more. They are also able to place this product into stand-up pouches with zipper or corner spouts, side gusset pouches, contour pouches and even pouches with a unique design.
image of sn fill & seal pouch machine

SF400 Spout fill & seal

The SF400 is a horizontal working fill and seal pouch packaging machine with 4 lanes for prefabricated flat or stand-up pouches with a centre spout.
image of sn fill & seal pouch machine

FS 824-840 (fill & seal)

This pouch packaging machines fill and seal prefabricated flat bags or stand-up pouches with products of very different consistencies and are also able to have spouts attached.
image of sn form fill & seal pouch machine

FM 1 FS (rotary, fill and seal)

The FM 1 FS is one of our intermittently operating rotary machines. It stands for high performance, thanks to which it can fill and seal all types of side-sealed pouches (Fill & Seal).

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