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LMS 120 and LMS 124 (oval rotary, forming, filling and sealing machine)

LMS 120 (rotary, form, fill and seal pouch machine) Our intermittently operating oval rotary machines LMS 120 and LMS 124 are characterised by their 20/24 stations. They are suitable for the high production of flat bags or stand-up pouches,with such as spouts or internal zip. Their high-quality technology can be applied in a variety of industries with their various product types and consistencies.

All types of pouches with fill volumes from 70 – 1.000 ml can be produced on the LMS machine. The format change-over is always easy and quick through the use of quick-change cassettes and central adjustment. It does not matter if you need centre or corner spouts, or radius’s or shaped pouches. The LMS machine is modular, flexible and offers many options.

Suitable for all conventional dosages. The SN ULTRA-CLEAN version for yogurt drinks has been developed with a special dosing system ideal for aseptic packaging. Four different products can be filled at the same time. During the development of the SN ULTRA-CLEAN Technology, hygiene was always paramount. Special emphasis was placed to prevent the contamination of the sterile pouch during the whole process.

In whichever shape you wish to pack your beverage product: the technology of SN machines make it possible. The pouch can be die-cut in any conceivable shape in order to create a way of packaging which suits the product, transports your corporate design and to simply make it look more attractive. The insertion of spouts is the second key factor: the easy and clean handling of the product in any daily situation is a great advantage of pouches

The SN ULTRA-CLEAN technology satisfies all international requirements for clean filling of fresh, viscous milk products. This filling machine for Stand-Up pouches meets all FDA regulations and also that of EHEDG. The machine was certified according to USDA 3A 23-06. Hydrogen peroxide sterilization of the pouch material and the spouts stands at the beginning of the process. Sterile air and laminar flow keep the environment clean. These are ideal standards to fill your product with extended shelf-life.

The multi-station LMS machine offers increased flexibility for nearly every application; the number of stations will be adapted to meet the requirements. Changeover times minimised: The transport system is a unique modular style construction free from polygon effect and maintenance-free. It is easy to clean and allows for automatic adjustment of the pouch width. Changeover times are reduced to a minimum.

Traditional technology fills and seals pre-made pouches. The LMS produces pouches directly from a film roll. It is formed, filled and sealed with precision and velocity. The LIQUID
POUCH machines are designed for 240 pouches per minute and can handle cost-reduced composite films. Material consumption is significantly reduced in comparison to other systems. Therefore the SN LMS technology offers critical ecological and economic advantages.

Flexible possible applications:

  • Hygienic construction and easy cleaning
  • Central operation and visualization via touch screen
  • Ideal for liquids and multi shot filling
  • Central adjustment of pouch gripping units
  • Servo driven sealing systems
  • High quality construction means long-lasting machine components
  • Ideal access to all working stations
  • Dosing equipment: Slide doser, auger doser, scales, micro doser for smallest volumes, rotary and valve pumpdoser, flow meter
  • Synchronization with linear and multi-head weigher
SpecificationsLMS 120 135
LMS 120 225
LMS 124 425
Pouch size [mm]Width 50 - 200
Length 80 - 350
Width 50 - 100
Length 80 - 250
Width 50 - 100
Length 80 - 250
Machine outputup to 60*up to 120*up to 240*
[Pouches/min]* depending on filling characteristics and pouch size
Packing materialsealable laminated film
Safety equipmentAcc. to the international safety regulations e.g. CE , UL, CSA, OSHA
Electricity power [kVA]ca. 7,5 - 10 1)
Electricity supply3 x 400/230V + N + PE, 50/60 Hz
Voltage [V]400 / 230 / 24
Air consumption550 Nl/min, 6 bar 1)ca. 650 Nl/min, 6 bar 1)ca. 800 Nl/min, 6 bar 1)
Machine dimensions
LxWxH [mm]
ca. 4.800 x 1.950 x 2.200 1)
Standard equipmentOptional equipment
Pouch control (no pouch - no filling)Date Code Systems
Cutting and gluing tableWash down construction
Film edge controlUltrasonic sealing
Motor driven roll lifting unitReclosure systems
Servo driven sealing systemsRecipe management
Central Operation and convenient process controlReverse image construction (mirror version)
PLC Siemens or Allen BradleyFurther details on request
TeleserviceFurther details according your request

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