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The Meypack stretch-film technology is particularly appropriate when the customer’s priority is packaging for transport. The FW Series stretch-film wrappers use very thin film. Without any external use of energy, which is otherwise necessary in the shrink wrapping process in the shrink tunnel, the film is wrapped two to three times around the product formation. In this way, the pre-stretched film (with an adjustable stretch ratio) is fitted very tightly around the products to be packed, creating a highly stable pack. An electrically heated servo-driven film cutting device separates the packs in a very clean and defined manner.

To be able to quickly remove the film easily at the point of sale without the need for additional tools, the machine can be equipped with a laser perforation system – the so-called “Easy Opening System” – which creates a tearoff strip of film. The FW Series is available for speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute.

Stretch film wrapping features:

Compact design

The compact, hygienic design of Meypack’s FW Series strecth film wrapping systems makes it ideally suited to food industries and for frozen or chilled products typically within a folding box/carton.

This continuous operation system provides an efficient transport packaging option through minimal use of film.

Additionally, only one width of film is required for all formats.

Product infeed paddle chain

Arriving products, typically in cartons, arrive laying down from the cartoning machine and are erected into an upright position using a servo driven paddle chain system. Here the products are counted and collated into the required number for the packing collation.

Two reels of pre-stretched film rotate the collated bundle of products in contra-rotation and are cut and sealed by an electronically heated cutting knife. No additional shrink-tunnel is required making this an attractive energy and floor space saving solution.

Product collating without heat

The film rolls, which are positioned opposite each other, can achieve an output of up to 60 film packs per minute.

This type of packaging is particularly suited for frozen products. Low electricity and film consumption are just two of the many advantages provided by this machine.

It is also possible to integrate an “easy open" tear strip option.

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