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FMH 80 (rotary, forming, filling and sealing machine)

The FMH 80 is an intermittent packaging machine. For the production, filling and sealing of flat or stand-up pouches from the roll stock (also with reclosure systems), the rotary machine has eight stations in Hygienic design.

The new FMH80 pouch packing machine has been designed to conform to the highest and strictest hygienic standards of the food industry. This machine benefits from easy cleaning ability due to the open machine construction and reduction of corners, ridges with smooth surfaces to avoid accumulation of product and debris.

All new continuous motion gusset punch has been developed so there is no stopping of the film feed. This new punch is capable of operating at very high speed, meaning that only 1 set of punching tools is required. pouch changeovers are quick and easy with automated format adjustment, set by recipe parameters in the HMI.

Continuous motion horizontal zipper sealing uses Ultrasonic sealing technology to accurately secure the zipper profile to the internal pouch material. This method has significant benefits over the older heat sealing technology as there is no film stretching. As there this method does not use any heat to seal the zipper in place there is no risk of accidental injury / burns for the machine operators.

The requirement of customers and consumers to use recyclable films and mono films have enabled SN to provide a film drive and feed system which does not put too much tension into the film. This allows for the film to travel through the machine much easier without risk of breaking or splitting. 

The newly designed web splicing table has been developed in line with customer requirements to eliminate external tools from operator tasks. This new table utilises an inbuilt cutting disk to safely and accurately cut the film before splicing the new film reel into place.

The completely open design of the FMH machine has proved to be a major factor in many companies choosing SN. This is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but carries real benefits to the customer and ease of operation for the production team.

Flexible possible applications:

  • Complies with the highest hygiene requirements of the food industry
  • Very easy to clean thanks to the open machine construction
  • Consequent reduction of corners, edges and plain surfaces to prevent dirt deposits
  • Ideal for liquids and powder products
  • Fully developed servo drives
  • Servo driven sealing systems
  • Central operation and visualization via touch control panel
  • Easy access for operators
  • Compact, modular design
  • Direct driven unwinding and brake function
  • Hygienic design and easy cleaning
  • Dosing equipment: Auger doser, slide doser, rotary and valve pumpdoser, flow-meter; synchronization with linear and multihead scales

Standard equipmentOptional equipment
Hygienic design (e.g. closed cavities)Date Code Systems
Wash down constructionWash down construction
Machine frame in stainless steelNitrogen gassing
Direct driven unwinding and brake functionUltrasonic sealing
Servo driven sealing deviceServo driven block-adjustment of sealing frames, camera controlled
Central Operation and convenient process controlReverse image construction (mirror version)
PLC Siemens or Allen BradleyFurther details on request
TeleserviceFurther details according your request

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