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Spout Filler SF400 (filling and sealing machine)

Our technically advanced intermittently operating rotary machines include the filling and sealing machines FS 824 to FS 840, each of which has eight stations. They fill and seal prefabricated flat bags or stand-up pouches with products of very different consistencies and are also able to have spouts attached.

The SN SF400 spout filler uses moving beams to accurately and efficiently filling pre-made spouted pouches up to a speed of 500 pouches per min. This machine is unique in its class, due the overall footprint of just 1.5m x 2m meaning it can be installed just about anywhere.

The SF400 spout filling machine has been designed in full wash-down stainless steel, without a table providing an open design for simple cleaning. The filling heads themselves can slide out from the machine for CIP cleaning without fuss.

The machine utilises two sorting tanks and four vertical feeding tracks for the caps mounted above the machine itself. The tracks are easily removable for the fast change-over of the caps with many parameters being controlled from the operator HMI panel

Flexible possible applications:

  • Hygienic construction and easy cleaning
  • Central operation and visualization via touch screen
  • Concurrent filling heads (with integrated pouch evacuation) for longer pouch filling time of 0.5 to 2.5 seconds at 60 cycles/minute
  • Fillings up to 100 ml also possible by intermitted mode: Up to 70 cycles/minute realizable
  • Servomotoric spout cap screwing with two control parameters: torque and screw-in depth
  • Easy to maintain through optimal accessibility to all workstations
  • Very small floor space requirement: Control cabinet integrated into the machine; product and cap feeding from walk-on platform above the machine
  • Dosing equipment: Dosing pumps, flow meters
  • Solid construction and long-lasting machine components
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Pouch control (no pouch – no filling)Date code systems
Servomotor drives of main functionsRecipe management
Moveable filling heads for extended filling timeInline combination with pouch making machine
Central operation and convenient process control
Hygienic Design
Wet operation execution (Washdown)
Teleservicefurther details on request

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