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FM 200 – FM 600 (rotary form, fill and seal machines)

The FM 200 to FM 600 are intermittently operating rotary machines which can produce flat and stand-up bags from a roll. Due to the wide range of possible pouch formats even big pouches can be produced and filled on enormous output rates. Of course also re-closing systems can be integrated on that machine series, as well. These packaging machines produce bags that can be filled with almost all types of products of different consistencies.

The FM200 – FM600 range of machines allows for high quality high output pouch manufacture up to 600 pouches per min. For larger pouches this machine model can operate as a duplex, triplex which allows for a wide variety of pouch sizes and options. It is one of the most versatile machine in the SN range.

The option to produce a pouch with a shape or contour is normally reserved for the FS market. However, with the FM200-FM600 machine we can incorporate a series of cutting tools which provides the customer with the ability to have a shaped pouch whilst keeping the unit cost low.

As with all the SN machines, the ability to clean is essential for the FM200-FM600. When producing multiple pouches at once, this can be challenging, however SN have perfected the ability to split the filling stations and swivel away from the machine for easy clean. This can also be used for liquid as well as dry products.

The FM200-FM600 range includes an option to expand on the traditional 8 station rotary setup to a 9 or even 10 station rotary. These additional stations can be used for additional filling or sealing. Therefore it would be possible to fill a pouch with 3 different components on the same machine during the same production run. 

Innovation is the key to the success of SN in recent years. Many of the developments have come to fruition from a customers off hand comment " wouldn’t it be great if…" This openness and acceptance to other ideas is something SN have great pride in allowing their machines to remain current and constantly improve.

Every SN machine has been designed to run with the minimal of operator intervention and maintenance. Where tasks are required, SN have developed ways to make these tasks easier and therefore quicker. these include swivable sealing jaws, routing of cables from above to complete machine redesigns, such as the FMH machines.

Flexible possible applications:

  • Duplex, Triplex, Quadro, Quinta, Sexta available
  • 8 stations with maximum format range at highest speed, additional equipment (e.g. Nitrogen gassing)
  • Up to 20% saving of packaging material
  • Fully developed servo drives
  • Servo driven sealing systems
  • Up to 20% savings of packaging material by using thinner foil
  • Easy access for operators
  • Compact, modular design
  • Dosing systems: Slide doser, auger doser, scales, micro doser for smallest volumes, rotary and valve pump doser, flow meter systems
  • Hygienic design and easy cleaning
  • Central operation and visualization on touch panel
  • Synchronization with linear and multi-head scales
SpecificationsFM 200
FM 300
FM 400
FM 500
FM 600
Pouch size [mm]Width

100 - 303


120 - 350

100 - 197


120 - 350

80 - 144


90 - 250

70 - 110


90 - 210

70 - 88


100 - 210
Machine outputup to 180*up to 270*up to 360*up to 450*up to 540*
[Pouches/min]* depending on filling characteristics and pouch size
Packing materialsealable laminated film
ConstructionStandart to process dry products
Optional wash down construction
Safety equipmentAcc. to the international safety regulations e.g. CE , UL, CSA, OSHA
Electricity power [kVA]ca. 10 - 30 1)
Electricity supply3 x 400/230V + N + PE, 50/60 Hz
Voltage [V]400 / 230 / 24
Machine dimensions

LxWxH [mm]
ca. 4.900 x 2.400 x 2.200 1)
Standard equipmentOptional equipment
Pouch control (no pouch - no filling)Date Code Systems
Cutting and gluing tableWash down construction
Film edge controlUltrasonic sealing
Motor driven roll lifting unitReclosure systems
Servo driven sealing systemsRecipe management
Central Operation and convenient process controlReverse image construction (mirror version)
PLC Siemens or Allen BradleyFurther details on request
TeleserviceFurther details according your request

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