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Meypack Palletising & depalletising solutions

Drawing on many years of experience, Meypack is a reliable and successful partner in the area of palletising and depalletising technology.  Based on your specified task, we configure the most suitable palletiser or depalletiser to carry it out. Meypack’s modular system offers not only a variety of output capacities but also many additional modules that you can operate easily and efficiently from within the central control system.

The Meypack palletisers of the PK Series are layer palletisers used to palletise secondary packaging such as cases, trays, shrink packs or crates.  The depalletisers of the DL Series are designed to depalletise layers of empty glass containers and cans. Thanks to the compact modular construction of the PK and DL Series, these are available in an extremely wide variety of executions – to meet the specific needs of the customer.

In cooperation with our long-term suppliers, Meypack offers a complete solution for your palletising line, including transport conveyors, pallet stretchers and pallet labellers.

Palletising/de-palletising features:

Transport conveyors

In the palletising technology, elements such as buffer conveyors, labelling sections, reject systems and spiral conveyors are incorporated when required. During depalletizing, dividing systems and turning systems are standard but mass flow conveyors are also being increasingly incorporated.

Product routing system

When turning products, Meypack’s innovative pack router in being used increasingly in place of the established bump turning device. Using the pack router you receive the highest degree of flexibility when creating layer formations, along with a high degree of efficiency. The advantages of the pack router lie in the gentle handling of all types of products. Furthermore, the pack router is capable of also processing trays with low sides.

Layer formation

Meypack has been successfully using mat-top chains to cycle in individual rows and layers. In doing so we enable great flexibility when creating layer formations. There is no need to use additional mechanical stoppers.

Another advantage lies in the possibility of adding layer patterns, which can easily be commissioned by selecting the programme and making adjustments if necessary.

Layer formation table

Meypack’s layer formation table is divided in the middle and thanks to its four-sided centring capability it can shift empty spaces into the middle of the formation and away from the edges. This ensures that the packaging edges are flush with the pallet edges.

By consistently using toothed belts and servomotors, the palletisers of the PK Series are practically maintenance free.

Intermediate layer pads

The handling of the intermediate layer sheets and hoods are defining criteria for the performance and setup of the palletising technology for the palletisers and depalletisers. With the intermediate layer sheet handling system, referred to as ZL, Meypack has developed a module that (depending upon the task) either lays down or picks up the intermediate layer sheets quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Pallet transport

The corresponding pallet transport technology is also available to you from Meypack. Simple roller and chain conveyors as well as turning and corner segments are also elements in Meypack’s modular system. 

For the purpose of transport, the traversing carriage or pallet grippper are also proven modules used to provide a compact solution for your task.

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