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RENNER S Wet Adhesive: proven technology of the highest standard

Whether the containers are glass, plastic or metal, round or specially formed, at RENNER you will always find the right wet adhesive labelling machine (cold adhesive). We specialise in containers with body and front labels, with back, neck ring, flip-top cap or security seal labels.

With a wide range of features, our wet adhesive labelling machines in the RENNER S series fulfil all conceivable requirements, from diagonal strips, champagne bands and medallions to round and pointed foil and I-shaped and L-shaped tax strips.

Wet Adhesive features:

Design features:
    • Base frame: warp resistant, height adjustable cap feet, stainless steel casing
    • Rotary design: precise container position, label transfer accurate to the mm
    • Automatic oil lubrication: waterproof container tables and labelling units
    • Centering bells with single-hand fasteners for quick change-over
    • Adhesive units with hard-wearing steel adhesive rollers and rubber pallets
    • Pneumatic adhesive pumps with heating: constant adhesive temperature
Optional accessory components:
  • Container alignment: mechanical, photoelectric or visual (camera system)
  • Bottle pad with servo motors: hard-wearing, highly accurate alignment
  • Clamping stars for processing containers with varying diameter sizes
  • Height adjustable adhesive units for faster adjustment
  • Device for disengaging units that are not required
  • Automatic hopper feed (AMB)
  • Central lubrication system
  • Machines and units for applying L-shaped and U-shaped tax strips
  • Label monitoring: label, position, quality, best before date, etc.
  • Trolley for fittings: better overview, fewer mistakes, shorter set-up times
Roll Fed Benefits:
  • – High level of precision: rotary design, reproducible settings etc.
  • – High level of efficiency: minimum adhesive consumption (film thickness is infinitely variable)
  • – Short set-up times: e.g. containers and labels can be changed without the need for tools
  • – High level of process reliability: broken bottle recognition, electro-pneumatic adhesive application adjustment, performance control (jam switch for infeed and discharge) etc.
  • – Future-proof: modular design, branded components, minimum wear
  • – Compliance: complies with the latest safety regulations

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