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SN pouch packing systems:

SN supplies you with a customised FFS (form, fill & seal) or FS (fill & seal) pouch packaging machine, with dosing systems and associated accessories. Whatever your requirements or demands are - SN packaging machines fulfill them!
image of sn fill & seal pouch machine

Fill seal/Premade pouch systems

These SN pouch packaging machines fill and seal prefabricated flat bags or stand-up pouches with products of very different consistencies and are also able to subsequently have spouts attached. Very flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications.
image of sn form fill & seal pouch machine

Form fill seal pouch packing

For producing all types of side-sealed pouches: 3-side sealed pouches, 4-side sealed pouches, bottom gusseted pouches, standup Doypack and Deltapack pouches, contour and membrane pouches, all from a reel. Also possible to add zipper/spouts etc.
image of sn pouch machine

Ultra clean pouch filling

The SN ULTRA-CLEAN technology satisfies all international requirements for clean filling of fresh, viscous milk products. This filling machine for Stand-Up pouches meets all FDA regulations and also that of EHEDG. The machine was certified according to USDA 3A 23-06.

Dosing equipment & systems

The doser units of the LSD / SD auger filler driven with high-quality servomotors ensure an accurate dosing of powders and granules in pouches. These machines are characterized by high performance while simultaneously handling the product gently.
image of sn form fill & seal pouch machine for seeds

Seed industry solutions

Intermittently working rotary machine with high performance for processing premade paper sachets and sealable foil pouches. A recommended machine type for packaging seeds into paper sachets. Very low set-up times and high flexibility.
image of sn form fill & seal pouch machine

Associated equipment

SN manufacture and supply a range of associated equipment and accessories for use and installation with the Fill Seal (FS) and Form, Fill & Seal (FFS) pouch machines. Such as pouch equalisers and automatic film splicing units

We help you with all your pouch packing needs for small to large companies