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FBM 071 (rotary, forming, filling and sealing machine)

The FBM 071 is an intermittently operating rotary machine for the highest performance. With its high-quality technology, it is suitable for producing all types of side-sealed pouches: 3-side sealed pouches, 4-side sealed pouches, bottom gusseted pouches, Doypack and Deltapack pouches, contour and membrane pouches. These can be filled with products of different consistencies.

FBM 071 series form, fill and seal pouch machine is tailor designed and constructed in Germany. This model is suited to handle larger pouches up to 2.5kg -3 kg of product so is ideal for petfood, confectionary, and snack foods. Various coding and printing systems, can be installed, including thermal transfer,inkjet, laser printing. This machine range uses quick release mechanisms to ensure a quick and easy product change-over.

The FBM 071 machine uses film on reel to fold the film, before forming the bottom gusset (for a stand-up pouch) and sealing the internal zipper. the film is controlled by servo-drives to ensure correct tension is applied and sensors detect the slippage of the film (and auto correct) during the folding phase. The splicing seams are also detecting automatically to ensure only good quality film is used for the pouch manufacture

As with all SN machines, filling can be achieved using, slide tubes, augers and cup dosers for dry products. Flow meter, servo and piston pumps for liquid products. It is possible to provide multi-filling systems for a single machine therefore multi-component filling is easily possible.

Flexible possible applications:

  • Hygienic construction and easy cleaning
  • 3 variants: Basic, Premium, Wet Modular design
  • Sealing station with servo-drive: Sealing time can be adjusted exactly to the machine speed and the film specification
  • 100% – exemption of the sealing tools during machine stops
  • Swivelling top sealing
  • Segments with quick release buckles at each station in the rotary
  • Insertion aid in the unwinding system
  • Machine protection/ covering: Clean design
  • Solid construction and long-lasting machine components
SpecificationsFBM 071 135
FBM 071 225
Pouch size [mm]Width 50 - 254
Length 80- 360
Width 40 - 120
Length 80 - 250
Machine output
up to 100*
* depending on filling characteristics and pouch size
up to 200*
* depending on filling characteristics and pouch size
Packing materialall commercial heat foils and laminated paper on a coil and laminated film on reel
Safety equipmentAcc. to the international safety regulations e.g. CE , UL, CSA, OSHA
Electricity power [kVA]ca. 7,5 - 10 1)
Electricity supply3 x 400/230V + N + PE, 50/60 Hz
Voltage [V]400 / 230 / 24
Air consumptionca. 550 Nl/min 6 bar 1)ca. 650 Nl/min 6 bar 1)
Machine dimensions

L x W x H [mm]
ca. 4.800 x 1.950 x 2.200 1)
Standard equipmentOptional equipment
Pouch control (no pouch - no filling)Printer systems
Empty pouch removal systemUltrasonic technology
Film guidanceReclosure systems
Centralized operation and convenient process controlRecipe management
PLC Siemens or Allen-Bradley (Rockwell)Mirrored version
Construction of the rotary station in segmentsGas flushing with nitrogen
Further details according your request

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