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RENNER S Pre-cut: perfect wrap-around labelling (hot adhesive).

Do you want to attach pre-cut labels made from paper and foil using a fully automatic and highly efficient machine? The RENNER S Pre-Cut reliably and efficiently positions your wrap-around labels from the hopper onto a wide range of containers made from glass, plastic or metal.

The RENNER S Pre-Cut series sprays on just two narrow strips of hot adhesive for leading and trailing edge gluing. The result: minimal costs, perfectly labelled containers!

Pre cut labelling features:

Design features:
  • Rollerless adhesive application with high-pressure nozzles
  • Adhesive temperature infinitely adjustable with temperature protection (e.g. against overheating)
  • Fine tuning of the adhesive quantity for the best labelling result
  • Container table: optimised for round containers, available with either belt drive or servo drive
  •  Centralised lubrication points minimise the cost of maintenance
  • Single-hand fasteners for quick change-over of centring bells and container plates
Optional components:
  • Container alignment: mechanical (using pins on the bottom or side walls) or visual
  • Additional self-adhesive or wet adhesive units (RENNER Combi)
  • Clamping stars for processing containers with varying diameter sizes
  • Central lubrication: automatic, safe and with optimised consumption
  • Container guide in hygiene design
  • Label monitoring: label, position, quality, best before date, etc.
  • Trolley for fittings: better overview, fewer mistakes, shorter set-up times
Pre Cut Benefits:
  • High level of efficiency: minimum adhesive consumption
  • Minimum maintenance thanks to closed hot adhesive system 
  • Minimum cleaning costs thanks to streamlined and clean adhesive technology
  • Minimum set-up times for container and label change-overs
  • Compliance: complies with the latest safety regulations

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